Mobile Applications

From planning to execution, Freeband Tech builds impressive user experiences, intelligent apps and beautiful interfaces for the most popular handsets in the world, always with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind.

The future has truly arrived. The use of interactive applications on mobile devices is becoming more than just a successful trend. End users are already realising the outstanding functionality and entertainment value offered by native and web mobile applications.

The technological revolution brought about by the arrival of the iPhone and the iPad has further popularized the usage of mobile applications.

The phenomenal scope of mobile applications has led to small, medium and large businesses leveraging this potential to enhance their brand, corporate identity and improve business performance.

Native Mobile App


What is a native app?

  • Lives on the device
  • Downloaded to the device
  • Build specifically for that device (iPhone, Android...)

Benefits of a native app

  • Built-in marketing
  • Accessing the device features (camera, gps, contacts...)
  • Truly native user experience

Mobile web App

What is a mobile web app?

  • Lives on the web
  • Accessible from a browser
  • Written in a web language (HTML/CSS/JS)

Benefits of a native app

  • Rapid deployment and update control
  • Accessibility
  • Multidevice
  • Browser capabilities (Video, audio, IP&GPS geolocation, local storage...)

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