Media Broadcast

We have developed a solid IT infrastructure which enables our clients to ingest, process and stream media content worldwide quickly and effectively. Our main video handling facility is connected to a large CDN (Content Delivery Network) with edge locations in all continents. This greatly reduces latency as contents are served straight from the nearest mirror.

All major methods and platforms are covered, from VOD to OTT and IPTV. Moreover, our system is ready to bring contents into all kinds of devices, operating systems and applications, including the increasingly popular tablets and smartphones. Cross compatibility takes center stage in our approach in order to keep up with an increasing variety of media devices available.

Special emphasis is placed on HDTV (High Definition) streaming, DRM / CA (Digital Rights management / Conditional Access) compliance, server security and leads generation, either from PPV (Pay Per View), advertising or other strategies. To this effect we have put together business intelligence tools capable of generating thorough performance reports.