Hosting and Networks

serverFBT's take on hosting stems from the premise that each web application must be provisioned with as many resources as it needs to perform without hiccups. This optimal accommodation is often overlooked by online entrepreneurs who tend to regard it the other way around. Such misconception leads to resource intensive applications being deployed on underpowered shared hosting plans, zealously monitored by scripts designed to pull the plug when a certain threshold, usually very tight, is reached.

In the new era of virtualization and cloud computing, operating systems are meant to be scalable, flexible, adaptive and primed for best performance.
Your brand new site may need close to nothing when it goes live and gradually start hogging vast swaths of CPU cycles as traffic pours in, the site gets chunkier or a combination of both. As your enterprise grows, you shall remain committed solely to the business it serves. Everything else is up to us.
We won't send you to bloated control panels with cryptic settings named after initials only the tech savvy are supposed to know.

Our customers, existing and prospecting, do not belong in packs, therefore we do not offer off-the-shelf plans.
Just tell us what you want and we will tell you what need. It's that simple.