Freeband Tech Ltd is an IT services provider based in the UK.

Although focused on New Media technologies, where online broadcasting platforms take the prime spot, many other areas of expertise are covered, from small web sites to mobile applications, enterprise-class appliances and scalable VPS hosting.

At the very core of our company lies a team of experts whose combined experience spans over three decades.

We do possess comprehensive knowledge in designing static layouts, coding W3C compliant templates, customizing open source applications to suit particular needs or write them from the ground up within the MVC programming pattern. We are also very proficient in general PHP / MySQL development,  Javascript, CSS (levels 2 / 3), HTML / XHTML and XML.

Currently our offer encompasses all building blocks the deployment of online applications require, including managed hosting and cutting edge media streaming.

The growing set of technologies we deal with empower our customers with best of the breed open source tools to address different requirements. E-learning, virtual office environments, collaborative suites, social networks, ad servers, just to mention a few.

Finally, our staff is made of people from several EU member states, which allows us to provide technical and consultancy services in several languages.